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The Most Powerfull Page Cache for LiteSpeed Web Server

Nothing, but Speed

Do you think speed matters?
Of course, speed plays a role when it comes to the loading time of a website. Modern content management systems (CMS) have now been bloated so that they can only be operated satisfactorily with a page cache. Many CMS are already consciously equipped with a page cache functionality, but the results are not very satisfactory. If you want to have a significantly better performance, you have to make high investments, which most users cannot afford. This applies particularly to shopping systems such as Magento, Shopware and other HighEnd CMS.

Is there a solution for this problem?
Of course there is a solution that is not only affordable for every user, but also overwhelms all other page cache solutions.

If you have ever heard of LiteSpeed, you should already know that this web server exceeds all other known web servers such as Apache and, above all, nginx. An essential part of the Litespeed web server is LScache, the Cache Engine of the LiteSpeed Web Server. LScache is comparable to Varnish, but LScache does not require an upstream server or another for Varnish typical additional server configuration, so that LScache can be operated with any conventional hosting without restrictions. If Varnish actually only knows an on/off cache function, LScache provides a wide range of functions. However, LScache is only an engine that behaves like a Formula 1 racing car without control. A racing car without a steering wheel and without brakes that only knows full throttle.

Speed is nothing without Control
LiteSpeed and especially LScache require not only control, but also a lot of knowledge and experience to control the raw power. Only then do LiteSpeed and LScache become a leader that overshadows everything known.

LiteCache® is therefore not another page cache, but a control unit based on LScache to be able to use LScache together with Magento, Shopware and other enterprise CMS. However, LiteCache® not only controls the speed, but also forms a mutually coordinated dream team together with the Kitt Cache Crawler.

Magento 2 HTTP/2 Performance - Powered by LiteCache®

LiteSpeed LScache + LiteCache®

Nginx Varnish

Apache Varnish

Request Per Second (10 Users)

LiteCache®  + Kitt Cache Crawler = LiteSpeed Dream Team

LiteCache® is a standalone Application that functions as an independent Application parallel to the main Application such as Magento or other CMS. However, LiteCache® is not a universal Software for using LScache, but was programmed individually for the respective CMS. The main Application is therefore only adapted to a very minor extent, so that the main Application is not influenced by LiteCache®.

LiteCache® and Kitt The Cache Crawler together form 1 unit that belongs together. To take advantage of the benefits of a Page Cache, you need a Way to warm up the Cache. Kitt takes on this Job, but Kitt is not a universal Cache Warmer, but was also programmed for the respective CMS and for LScache. That means LiteCache® needs Kitt and Kitt needs LiteCache®. Together they form the ultimate Dream Team and are administered via 1 common Control Panel.

Control Panel Login

Access to the Kitt and LiteCache Control Panel is protected by a login procedure. This login procedure also has protection against brute force attacks. In the future, this protection will be supplemented by 2-factor authentication.

Kitt Crawler Settings

The Kitt Cache Crawler has a large number of setting options to adapt the cache warmup to different needs. This applies above all to the performance of the server. Kitt has dynamic load control that automatically adapts to the current load condition. However, especially with shared hosting, it is necessary to make individual settings to protect the server from being overloaded by crawling.

Despite the numerous setting options, Kitt is preconfigured during installation, which only needs to be completed. A task that can be completed quickly even by inexperienced users.

This is Kitt

Kitt can be run both via the control panel and through a timed cron job, but not at the same time. Both versions are identical in terms of their functionality. The Kitt tab always shows the current status of the crawl process, which also applies when Kitt is run as a cron job. The heartbeat function is particularly important.

LiteCache Settings

LiteCache also provides a variety of settings. This particularly applies to the different cache lifetimes for each page type as well as to defining the almost limitless number of cache varies. The LiteCache for Magento version also offers the option of enabling the cache for logged-in customers.

LiteCache Excludes

Like Kitt, LiteCache is preconfigured during installation, so it is not necessary to exclude certain pages from caching. This mainly affects the account area, the checkout, the comparison function, the swipe list and the shopping cart. If necessary, individual exclusions can be defined.

Cache Inventory

If activated, the cache inventory provides a detailed overview of every crawl request for a URL. If necessary, it is also possible to blacklist individual URLs using the cache inventory so that these URLs are excluded from crawling during the next cache warmup. Purging the cache of individual URLs is also possible.

URLs Most Wanted

The URLs Most Wanted function is one of the highlights of Kitt. This function is an alternative to the sitemap, which by default provides the basis for the URLs to be crawled. Unlike this standard feature, the URLs Most Wanted feature tracks user requests and stores these URLs for use by Kitt for crawling. The big advantage of this feature is that up to 70% fewer URLs have to be crawled because only the cache of the URLs that are actually requested by natural users is warmed up. Up to 70% fewer URLs means a significantly lower server load and therefore automatically a significantly shorter crawling time.

System Settings

Additional settings can be made in the system settings that largely affect the control panel. Be it error reporting, notification if any errors occur during crawling, a reminder function for login, a password forgotten function, update notification or export of the configuration.


Depending on the Kitt and LiteCache version, the cache can be purged variably if necessary.

Administration Dashboard

The LiteCache and Kitt Control Panel allows you to create different accounts. This also includes assigning rights per role. Access to certain areas of the control panel can be restricted if necessary.

Account Administration

In addition to an overview of all accounts, the account administration also offers the option of displaying incorrect logins. Since the number of possible login attempts is limited, it can be seen whether there may have been a brute force attack. If this is the case, the IP address in question will be blocked for 24 hours if the maximum login attempts are exceeded.

Account Creation

For reasons of better security, new accounts can only be created manually and only the Super Admin is able to create new accounts.