Get Maxx LiteSpeed LScache Power

High Speed LScache Warmup Crawler - Powered for  LiteSpeed Web Server

Free to Download for LiteSpeed, Wordpress, WooCommerce, W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, Shopware, OpenCart, PrestaShop and Magento.

Super Kitt Cache Crawler is:

  • Super Fast: Crawling up to 200,000 URLs within 1 hour, even on Shared Hosting
  • Super Vary: Crawling all Cache Varies within 1 Crawl Session, just in time Speed for Everyone
  • Super Adaptive: Auto-Adjusting Plugin Settings, much settings less to configure
  • Super Saver: Dynamic Server Load Control, prevents kick off Power Users
  • Super Persistent: Runs without max_execution Timeout, no Limits with LiteSpeed Web Server

Kitt - Cache Crawler
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Kitt - Cache Crawler for almost any Popular Application

Kitt - Cache Crawler
Cache Crawler with Warp Speed
Are you tired not getting the Maximum Cache Power because it takes too much time to warm it up? Has your Host Provider deaktivated or blocked Cache Warmers like LiteSpeed Cache Crawler to prevent too much load on your Shared HostingServer?

Kitt Cache Crawler is the solution you are waiting for! Kitt Cache Crawler is especially made for Warmup the Cache for many popular Applications like Wordpress, WooCommerce, W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, Shopware, PrestaShop, OpenCart and Magentorunning on LiteSpeed or Apache Web Server .

Kitt is fast, super fast. Kitt can crawl up to 200,000 URLs within 1 hour, even on Shared Hosting.Kitt is not only fast. Kitt is also adaptive. This means each Application gets its own Warmer that is build for the custom needs of each Cache Solution.

Crawling all Cache Varies within 1 single Crawl Session

Kitt - Cache Crawler
Customized for the Needs of each Kind of Cache
Kitt is a Specialist, a Specialist for the custom Needs of every kind of HTTP Cache.

Each Cache Method works different. Therefore it is a Must to Provide a Cache Crawler that is customized for the individual Requirements of each Cache Solution. Some Cache Solutions usesTags to vary different Content depending on User Preferences. Kitt Cache Crawler supports Cache Varies and crawls each Vary within a Crawl Session.

To make Cache available as fast as possible, Kitt Crawler works with Multithreading Mode. Universal Cache Warmers request URLs one after the other, but not Kitt. Kitt Cache Crawler doesthis Job in Multithreading Process Mode. This Process Mode is x-time faster without causing High Load.

Auto-Adjust Settings

Kitt - Cache Crawler
Kitt prevents wasting Time with Configurations
To prevent wasting time with learning how Kitt has to be configured Kitt makes this Job for you, almost automatically. Depending on Application and Cache Extension or PluginKitt adjusts many Setting automatically. You don't have to care about which Configuration has to be set to get the best Cache Warmup Result. Kitt does that for you, automatically.

Your Job is only to click the warmup button or to setup a Cron. That's it!

Kitt prevents High Server Load

Kitt - Cache Crawler
Kitt takes Care of your Server Load
Normally a universal 3rd Party Cache Crawler takes all available Server Resources. This not only slows down your Server Performance it forces to run Warmup Crawl only at Night.Kitt Cache Warmup Crawler is highly adaptive. It measures the current Server Load on the fly and adjusts the Crawl Speed depending on the current Server Load.

Your Advantage, you can run Kitt at every Time. The current Server Load doesn't matter anymore when Cache can be warmed up, but needs to have LiteSpeed Web Server running.

If you have Shared Hosting your Host Provider will not notice if Kitt is running because your Server always behaves "inconspicuously" while Crawling!

Kitt has no limits

Kitt - Cache Crawler
Long Time Process without Timeout
A warmup Session takes time, often too much time. As a result of PHP Limits Processes are canceled before Crawl Session has been finished. Kitt doesn't know such limits and doesn't care about.If needed Kitt runs forever, even on Shared Hosting, but needs LiteSpeed Web Server for PHP Processes without Timeout.

Kitt comes as CLI and as GUI version. For the last one it is important to know that Kitt can do its Job without typical Timeout Limits!