WP Plugin: URLs Most Wanted for LiteSpeed LScache

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WP Plugin: URLs Most Wanted for LiteSpeed LScache

Supercharge your website with UMW Plugin, the groundbreaking plugin designed exclusively for LiteSpeed Cache Plugin.

  • Maximize efficiency by pre-warming the cache only for relevant URLs
  • Drastically reduce loading times for lightning-fast performance
  • Deliver an exceptional user experience with seamless browsing
  • Utilize data-driven optimization to enhance your website further
  • Easy integration and setup with LiteSpeed

Don't install this Plugin if you have the Kitt Cache Crawler installed.

This is why you need the URLs Most Wanted Plugin

Using the Sitemap.xml, the LiteSpeed LScache plugin allows the cache to be warmed up with the built-in crawler. However, this apparently advantageous use of sitemap.xml has far-reaching disadvantages, it is inefficient and consumes too many resources for too long. In addition, the crawl process takes far too long, so that the cache is already purged by appropriate settings before the crawl process is completed. All of the problems mentioned are mainly due to the fact that the Sitemap.xml does not meet the requirements to be used as a data source for Cache Warmup. In particular because the Sitemap.xml only contains the URLs that can be reached directly without user action. However, a blog and especially WooCommerce have a large number of other URLs that are also cached but are not taken into account during the cache warmup. Anyone who tracks their users and the URLs called up knows that up to 70% of all URLs from the sitemap are either called up only rarely, but mostly not at all. In conclusion, this means that the crawler consumes resources completely unnecessarily and also unnecessarily burdens the server.

Can all these problems be solved?

Definitely, and it's actually very easy. The solution of the plugin, which was specially programmed for the LiteSpeed LScache Plugin for Wordpress, is called "URLs Most Wanted" or UMW Plugin for short. The name of the plugin already includes the function. The UMW plugin anonymously tracks the URLs accessed by users, but not without restrictions. To prevent distortion of the accessed URLs, a URL accessed by a user is only recorded once per session. This is achieved by a special cache method that even LiteSpeed does not know, at least LiteSpeed does not know that you can cache URLs differently than usual. The UMW plugin only records those URLs that can be cached. The checkout or account pages are therefore excluded from the recording. This also applies to URLs when a user is logged in. The UMW plugin therefore only saves these URLs and only if a URL has not yet been accessed. If this is the case, only the last accessed date and the counter for each URL are updated. The result of the URL recording is a custom sitemap.xml, which is created either manually or by system cron and the URL of this sitemap.xml is entered into the crawler configuration of the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. That's it!

After installing the UMW plugin, no additional or regular administration tasks are required. Install and forget it, but benefit from a much more efficient cache warmup, which is not only much faster, but also warms up the cache of almost all accessible URLs.

UMW Plugin Settings

The UMW plugin requires neither configuration nor administration effort, so it is sufficient to display the recorded URLs and, if necessary, to generate the custom sitemap manually. But it is recommended to set up a System Cron job for the sitemap creation. In this way, the sitemap is created automatically so that the LiteSpeed Crawler always has an up-to-date sitemap available for crawling.

WP Plugin URLs Most Wanted -
WP Plugin URLs Most Wanted -

Is UMW Plugin free?

The UMW plugin is completely free. There are neither hidden costs nor a subscription. Use it and be happy. But if you want more comfort and more functions, then use the Kitt Cache Crawler for LiteSpeed. This crawler was specially programmed for the LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress. The Kitt Cache Crawler is not only several times faster than the built-in crawler of the LiteSpeed plugin, it also only uses half the resources and therefore only half the server load. The Kitt Cache Crawler is available in 2 versions. A version for WordPress and a version for WooCommerce.

Is the UMW Plugin OpenSource?

Yes, the UMW plugin is open source and therefore licensed under the GPL. The update function of the plugin and the function for recording the most wanted URLs are excluded from this. Both functions are independent of Wordpress. The fact that these functions are not open source is significantly for our and your security, because most security problems with Wordpress arise from the fact that the source code is readable and if a code is readable, it is much easier to identify weak points in the code.

How is the UMW Plugin installed?

The UMW plugin is installed according to the known scheme. Download the Kitt AWR plugin and install it using the corresponding function in the WordPress backend.

What are the Requirements to use the UMW Plugin?

The UMW plugin was specially programmed for the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. You therefore need this plugin and therefore also the LiteSpeed web server. Otherwise the UMW Plugin will not function as intended.

How is the UMW Plugin supported?

The UMW plugin is supported in a way that you may not be familiar with. Just write an email to support@cachecrawler.com and you will receive an answer within 24 hours at the latest. This applies 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. In most cases, you'll get an answer before you let go of the mouse button.

How is the UMW plugin updated?

The update takes place in a way that is unusual for Wordpress, because the update of the UMW plugin is not only faster, but just in time. The conventional update check of a WP plugin depends on whether your website is actually accessed when it is automatically updated. If this is only rarely the case, the respective plugin is often only updated days after an update, or it is displayed that there is a new update. Due to security issues with Wordpress, this update check is very risky. The update check of the UMW plugin is therefore carried out instantly and almost in real time. The only thing you need for this is a system cron that checks for updates according to your specifications.

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