Wordpress LScache Plugin: wp-content/litespeed/css/404.html

Hi! Im getting this error on some category listing pages: https://i.postimg.cc/tRS9P23H/image.png https://trendyvisuals.com/wp-content/litespeed/css/404.html (the path is already an HTML 404) It doesnt ask for the original file but a 404.html If you access this page, the error appears: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS How can I resolve this? Its been a week since after Crawler completed this error appears in some categories. Thanks! This topic was modified 2 weeks ago by ofmarconi. This topic was modified 2 weeks ago by ofmarconi. Page Optimization in QUIC.cloud Service Usage Statistics is at 100%, should this influence any error? my ticket: XKKVEYDS Hi, have you made any recent style change , theme update or plugin update ? Best regards, Hello, I made changes, cleared all cache and forced Crawler. yeah , when you have some style changed, the css file name will also be changed as it is calculated based on style content but I dont think this actually affects anything nor will people visit /wp-content/litespeed/css/404.html by manually type this URL.
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