webp replaceament ? S3 CDN space digitalocean

Wordpress LScache Plugin: webp replaceament ? S3 CDN space digitalocean

Report number: JBUDSIQN Hi, i read all documentation and problens about not serve images webp. One of documentation, i think is my problem, is about https://docs.litespeedtech.com/lscache/lscwp/ts-media/#some-webp-load-some-do-not I use the plugin https://github.com/humanmade/S3-Uploads to send all images to CDN, i buyd credits to generate webp in quic.cloud and works fine: https://cdnblog.guestposts.com.br/uploads/2022/03/O-que-e-link-dofollow-1024?1024.jpg https://cdnblog.guestposts.com.br/uploads/2022/03/O-que-e-link-dofollow-1024?1024.jpg.webp But i need one soluction to replace this jpg to webp on html. Article example: https://guestposts.com.br/blog/diferenca-entre-links-dofollow-e-nofollow/ What do you think about one parameter allow to include webp to other domains, exemple to cdn? Or one filter. Please, some solution. Thanks The page I need help with: https://guestposts.com.br/blog/diferenca-entre-links-dofollow-e-nofollow/ but after these files are sent to CDN , do they still store on your local server ? or they are just goner and only existing on remote CDN ? Hi qtwrk, thanks for response. The plugin S3-Uploads replace file system of folder uploads, the files store only in S3(CDN). This option is good because you can put machines in Load Balancer without replicate uploads folder. well, then unfortunately I dont think this is doable the webp will need to check the webp file existence before it replace , otherwise you will end up in 404 error and since images are stored on remote , plugin wont be able to check and detect webp existance Thanks for the answer. But when I enter the list of media appears the webp in tab LiteSpeed Optimization . Im always generating the webp, is there any way I can force this somehow? Can I somehow override this function that checks if the file exists and always serve webp? I dont care if the browser doesnt support webp. sadly no , the file must be stored on local in order to do any manipulation
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