webP is not loaded

Wordpress LScache Plugin: webP is not loaded

Hi, I have sent the report, it includes the Website URL, so I deem it obsolete sharing it here again. The report number is YHWLQYED I usually do not use plugins/etc for optimisation, rather a few lines of code will do and save all the hassle and space. Yet, I wanted to try this LiteSpeed thing everyone is talking about Thus I moved a site to OLS (previous NGINX), and I installed and activated the LSC plugin. Connected to quic.cloud, set the Image WebP Replacement and WebP For Extra srcset to on, generated about 100 image optimisations. I then visited the front end and all images load the unoptimised, non-webP old version (jpg/pngs) I am at a loss as of what else could be wrong since I followed all steps of the doc, and also made sure all possible caveats are not stopping webP from showing up. Can you help? Thanks! This topic was modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago by Beda. never mind? Had to purge all cache, and the webPs where loading. Sorry the nag!