updating product quantity in stock delete cache

Wordpress LScache Plugin: updating product quantity in stock delete cache

Hello. I have this problem: store on woocomerce, product balances are updated via API. As soon as the balance of goods is updated, the entire cache is deleted. Even without an API, if he places an order on the site. after updating the balances ? the cache is completely cleared. 11/14/22 19:50:23.842 [ 1 6b3] ------POST HTTP/1.0 (HTTPS) /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php 11/14/22 19:50:23.842 [ 1 6b3] Query String: action=wms_webhook&UPDATE&requestId=bea65fa8-5499-4061-9a89-fc37b80a33ea 11/14/22 19:50:23.842 [ 1 6b3] User Agent: MoySklad webhook touch agent 2.0 (https://www.moysklad.ru) 11/14/22 19:50:23.842 [ 1 6b3] Accept: 11/14/22 19:50:23.842 [ 1 6b3] Accept Encoding: gzip,deflate 11/14/22 19:50:23.842 [ 1 6b3] X-LSCACHE: true 11/14/22 19:50:23.842 [ 1 6b3] LSCACHE_VARY_COOKIE: ,wp-postpass_bfcb7ddece624f3fd41c950db2fa054b 11/14/22 19:50:23.842 [ 1 6b3] X-LiteSpeed-Purge: public,0ff_WC_T.118,0ff_WC_T.72,0ff_WC_T.71,0ff_Po.8490,0ff_URL.f2415d0022dafe3a1da761aded5bee07,0ff_W.recent-posts-1,0ff_T.2,0ff_T.118,0ff_T.74,0ff_T.491,0ff_T.77,0ff_T.76,0ff_T.93,0ff_T.409,0ff_T.73,0ff_T.92,0ff_T.82,0ff_T.75,0ff_FD,0ff_A.1,0ff_PT.product,0ff_product,0ff_F,0ff_H,0ff_PGS,0ff_PGSRP,0ff_D.202210,0ff_REST => LiteSpeed LSC->send_headers()@585 => WP_Hook->apply_filters(,ARRAY)@308 => WP_Hook->do_action(ARRAY)@332 => Hi, the log is incomplete please try grab full log upon product edit/change action or check /wp-content/debug.purge.log best regards,
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