site breaks after updates

Wordpress LScache Plugin: site breaks after updates

I have a site that breaks every time updates are installed. And I have to go in and manually flush the cache. Purge All On Upgrade is enabled, but obviously isnt working. Hi, how did you update it ? also please try add this to your themes functions.php add_action( upgrader_process_complete, my_upgrade_function,10, 2) function my_upgrade_function( $upgrader_object, $options ) if ( defined(LSCWP_V)) do_action( litespeed_purge_all ) see if it helps best regards, I use Managewp to manage my sites and install updates. yes, I have seen cases like this before where it uses some kind of management plugin and leads to case like this have you tried above code snippet ? isnt that going to be lost when I update the theme? you can use child theme for that this did not help, site still breaking after updates