prevent cache of WooCommerce price area

Wordpress LScache Plugin: prevent cache of WooCommerce price area

We are using page cache on WooCommerce product pages. The price on page changes for visitors based on various factors, like if they arrive on page with a url coupon. Is there a way to only prevent cache of price area in WooCommerce with LiteSpeed Cache? We are current using Aelia Cache Handler as a workaround so price does not get cached. I believe this plugin wraps the price in ajax. But, there is no support for plugin and its not working in some instances. Thanks for any help. The page I need help with: Hi, if the price displays based on URL query string , it should work by default like page?something1 and page?something2 or page?coupon=xxx and page?coupon=yyy this will be 2 different caches the ajax call is the correct approach , but the page cache is a full page cache , you cant just (easily) make certain part of page that doesnt cache one option is the ajax call another option is to make it ESI block ,but this will require certain code work for you Best regards,