my site doesnt display properly after deactivating

Wordpress LScache Plugin: my site doesnt display properly after deactivating

Hello, I would like to deactive the plugin. But after deactivating, my site doesnt displayh properly. did you also clean up browser cache ? also please provide the report number you can get it in toolbox -> report -> click send to LiteSpeed Report number: EVFDVQUP I did Purche All and also Empty Entire Cache and also purge cache in Cloudflare but still not not solvng. I also cannot save change in my child theme editor as this error Scrape key check failed. Please try again. comes up. To save change, I have to deactivate your plugin first. for that editor thing , turn off object cache for the main issue , did you see any error message or warning when that happens ? ? The error disapears BUT this break my site again as descript above. My site doesnt display properly if disable cache object with your plugin activated. ? Its the same as I described early. But that one happens when I deactivate your plugin. ? With the cache object enabled, the site also runs slow, not the same when I use your plugin at the first time. My site use slider revolution displayed in one pag. I cannot deactivate or remove your plugin now. If activated, the site doesnt display properly and if not activated, theres an error an mention and the site runs slow. What should I do? I dont see anything different when I bypass cache plugin by query string .e.g it loads same as please do me a screenshot how exactly does it look like , and check the browsers dev tool console, see if there is any error message or warning ? No warning in the dev tool console, please have a look the screen video ? However, now I solve the issue. The thing is that while I used your plugin, I also optimize the slider revolution according to this documentation. The tutorial suggests to turn on all of these options as you can see in this screenshot. With these options enabled, when I deactivate your plugin or the cache object, I see the page doesnt display properly as I have mentioned. Now when I disable Defer Javascript Loadingand load File asynchronously in the slider revolution, the page now displays properly after I deactivate your plugin or just deactivate the cache object. ? Everything works normal now, thank you. One more thing is that when I deactivate your plugin, I feel that the Admin side runs faster but when I activate it runs slow. You can have a look the screen video here And my hosting provider uses LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager.