mobile image problem

Wordpress LScache Plugin: mobile image problem

I set the plugin but now if I activate it in mobile I no longer see the images only the texts, I dont know what setting to delete to make it work correctly Hi, first of all , please try the default setting first, see if it works there Best regards, with the default setting it works okay , then that means one of the options caused it , please try narrow down which one I have distlled and re-installed the plugin, so it works. now I have only the problem that I keep increasing the space that the site occupies, it continues to grow have you identified what is using the space ? /wp-content/litespeed/js and /wp-content/litespeed/css I assume ? I dont know how to see it Hi, how did you know your disk usage ? is it cPanel ? click where you see the disk usage should display detail best regards,
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