litespeed only create webp version for thumbnail, but not the original size.

Wordpress LScache Plugin: litespeed only create webp version for thumbnail, but not the original size.

Hi! I have a problem with webp, its not creating webp version for the original size. For example, if I uploaded example.jpg then there will be no example.jpg.webp, but example-150?150.jpg.webp (and other sizse) will be created. This lead to error in the litespeed log, because when trying to switch to webp the file will be not found ( log record: -no WebP file, bypassed). I already check the troubleshooter and other thread. One of the possible cause it because webp is larger so no point in using webp. But when i tried to convert the jpg to webp using online tools, the size is significantly smaller. In the media i can see that WebP saved 77% but it still using the jpeg. ? Im using chrome ? Image WebP Replacement = on, again other thumbnail size was created so its on. ? The plugin can only perform WebP replacement on the HTML tag = its using img ? Are you sure the WebP actually exists? No it doesnt for the original size, but it does exist for other thumbnail. Appreciate the help. Thanks The page I need help with: Hi, please check this page best regards, Hi, Yes I checked that page and go trough every line of it. Again, the webp is not created for the original size image, and yes the webp is far much smaller than the original so its not the problem. yeah , that means it couldnt generate webp for that origin file for whatever reason , generally due to the size the webp from thumbnails is smaller on thumbnails does not necessarily mean the webp from origin will be smaller than origin.
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