js combine cause my site product images and price not load

Wordpress LScache Plugin: js combine cause my site product images and price not load

Hi When I enable JS combine in litespeed cache plugin. It leads to my product images and price not load. I dont know what to exclude to make it work please have alook at my website, I cant find the issue The page I need help with: https://dailycrate.net/product/children-led-projection-learing-drawing-board/ Hi, you can use the old fashion way like first to use wp-includes wp-content in list , this will literally exclude all JS files then narrow it down to wp-content only , then narrow it down to wp-content/plugins wp-content/themes and then keep narrow it down Best regards, How do i exclude a plugin? when i exclude wp-content/plugins the product images seems to load but the pricing doesnt load. the pricing doesnt loads when i exclude wp-includes and wp-content together too did you enable combine inline/external js ? if so , try that off first, so you can separated the cases for inline and external one , and deal with it separately
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