has been blocked by CORS policy

Wordpress LScache Plugin: has been blocked by CORS policy

This is my Google Cache page webcache.googleusercontent in the web developers console, I am presented With this Error Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 () can someone please help I believe this started happening after I adapted the recommended Presets and this has also decreased my search ranking The page I need help with: You report 2 different problems that have nothing to do with each other. However, you must be aware that the webcache is trying to load outdated information/data. The error with the status 404 indicates that the webcache is trying to load a Javascript file that no longer exists because you have purged your cache since the day before yesterday and therefore this Javascript file now has a different name. There is basically nothing wrong with the CORS error and is more of an indication that your WordPress installation has been configured correctly. Regardless, if you are using a page cache like the LScache plugin, you should not try to check your website with Google Webcache because you are trying to use webcache to check a cached page with a cache. That can only lead to errors. Thanks for your answer I am not very technical so what does this mean will this effect my ranking Ans thanks for your patience answer this for me so what does this mean will this effect my ranking No, webcache is what it is. Its just a way to see a cached, but outdated content from the past. Only the current content matters. Okay understood Thanks Just another Question Then Why is This Happening Image Link Your link is broken? Please Check Again I have Edited the Post This is caused by guest mode and everthing is okay with it, but if the request comes from a machine driven request like google webcache such request cant render the code like a browser. Dont care about it. Everything is okay and works like it should. the problem is that when I loaded to recommended preset since then my search ranking has dropped and I am guessing this might be the problem Optimizing a page is indeed important, but when it comes to ranking, what matters most is your content. So if you notice a deterioration in your ranking, then you have to work on your content and maybe also check whether your competitors are doing their content better than you.
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