complianz broken with JS config

Wordpress LScache Plugin: complianz broken with JS config

Hello, Weve been having issues with complianz and LiteSpeed Cache (enterprise with A2 hosting). Everything is setup and working with the following settings on our woocommerce store, but not complianz. JS Minify (ON) JS Combine (ON) JS combine external and inline (ON) Load JS Deferred (ON) complianz doesnt produce any errors until it is excluded from JS optimisation settings. The issue seems relating to its not being able to edit elements to include placeholders for third-party iframes (youtube/Gmaps) Disabling the complianz integrations for these resolves the issues as a work around. Any ideas? Hi, exclusion is the solution to ones that doesnt work with these features Best regards, Hello, Exclusion doesnt resolve the issue as it causes the plugin to error, despite being excluded. Weve tested excluding the whole plugin path from all features yet it will breaks. Any ideas on how to get it working? Kind Regards Oh the error is: ReferenceError: complianz is not defined . This is the other similar post I can find, which is about CSS inline minification in W3TC rather than litespeed. Weve excluded the plugin path from both CS/JS /wp-content/plugins/plugins/complianz-gdpr/ Theres also another with GStatic, that is excluded and hosted externally: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading includes) at Gd.j Hi, first of all , turn off JS combine external and inline (ON) , to narrow down if its due to external js file or inline js code from your description , it could be inline js code , as exclude the path wont exclude inline code