certificate of quic cloud service has just expired

Wordpress LScache Plugin: certificate of quic cloud service has just expired

Im preparing a new wordpress website for launch and started optimizing the images through the quic cloud image optimization service. After 1(!) image the optimization started failing with the following error: Failed to request via WordPress: cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired [server] https://node117.quic.cloud [service] img_optm If I go to that url in my browser I can see that it uses a Lets encrypt certificate that expired today: Valid from 20/08/2021 to 18/11/2021 Can you please fix this certificate issue asap or guide me on how to force the use of another node than the one with the expired certificate (node117)? Regards, Guy Hi, on my test it shows subject: CN= .quic.cloud start date: Oct 19 09:27:01 2021 GMT expire date: Jan 17 09:27:00 2022 GMT subjectAltName: host node117.quic.cloud matched certs .quic.cloud issuer: C=US O=Lets Encrypt CN=R3 SSL certificate verify ok. which cert you see on your side ? Best regards, Hi @CacheCrawler, The reason you see a valid certificate is because it has been renewed in the meantime, apparently. Now I also get the same result as you and as it seems all images got processed over night, so everything seems allright again. Thanks, Guy