auto purge entire website daily

Wordpress LScache Plugin: auto purge entire website daily

Hi, i would like to auto purge the entire website daily at a certain hour. How do i do that? i know i have to put after a certain page but where do i put the wildcard if i want to auto purge an entire website ? here at scheduled url (i made a screenshot) This topic was modified 2 weeks, 3 days ago by Indi. or or ? just put / should be enough thats not exactly a purge action , but set the cache TTL expire at that day e.g. you set schedule purge at 15:00 then if you access page at 16:00 , then TTL will be 23 hours, if you access it at 10:00 , TTL will be 5 hours ?.and so on Thank you. I Will try to see if it works and i will get back to you. It works. Thank you!