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Wordpress LScache Plugin: Wrong image served

Hi, Ticket ID: JJTPDVJT I have a problem, when I have the Litespeed cache enabled, some of the images on, as an example, the header is wrong. The image that is being served on both smartphone and desktop is the wrong one. When i disable the plugin the problem disappears, and the correct image is being served. Example: I have a page about dubai, and then its serving an image (header) from a page from spain. How is that possible? And what can I do to fix this, so that the right image is being served. I have Optimize Original Images -> ON and Image WebP Replacement -> ON. Hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance. ? Daniel Hi, no , the image optimization has nothing to do with also the images are loaded by inline CSS, please try disable combine external/inline CSS and purge all , see if it helps Hi, Thanks for your reply! That did the trick! ? for now at least I think you can mark this topic as Solved ? then i can reopen it, if the problem occur in the next following days. Have a nice day!
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