WordPress Not Removing Query String From Static Resources

Wordpress LScache Plugin: WordPress Not Removing Query String From Static Resources

Hi LS Team Report number: XFTDGFTE Report date: 04/03/2022 04:00:13 In my website, i have enabled remove query string from static resource Still when i visit my website from any incognito tag, i can see the js and css files are loading with ?ver=some_random_string query parameter appended. I have tried below methods. 1. Enabled Drop Query String in LS Cache Section under Cache>Drop Query String and added ver as a parameter 2. Installed a third-party query string removal plugin 3. Tried Querysting Removal Method by adding code to function.php provided by Kinsta Blog function remove_query_strings() if(!is_admin()) add_filter(script_loader_src, remove_query_strings_split, 15) add_filter(style_loader_src, remove_query_strings_split, 15) function remove_query_strings_split($src) $output = preg_split( /(&ver| ?ver)/ , $src) return $output[0] add_action(init, remove_query_strings) 4. Tried random string removal method by using diffchecker and didnt found anything using this ?LSCWP_CTRL=before_optm all of these 4 method didnt solve my issue. My Webserver is Openlitespeed. Due to this issue my css file storage kept increasing. and its generating for each page for example here is the screenshot: https://ibb.co/kJM3pNk from the screenshot you can see its mainly generating 2 css file of same size, multiple times. I checked both version of css and they are same as per diffchecker. Please help me remove the ?ver query string. This thing filling up disk space quickly This topic was modified 7 months, 3 weeks ago by qzlbijay. This topic was modified 7 months, 3 weeks ago by qzlbijay. that ?ver attached to /litespeed/css(js)/xxxxxxxx.css(ks) is intentionally added , can not be removed please check this page or disable CSS inline/external combine and purge all Disabled The CSS inline/external combine but still multiple css files are genarating and the query string is still not gone the query wont gone , its always there , as long as you have enabled css minify or css combine. and above 2 options will generate the minifed/combined CSS files and saved into /litespeed/css/ directory the CSS inline/external combine was to address the disk size issue. Alright