WordPress 5.9.2 bug,conflict with LiteSpeed Cache

Wordpress LScache Plugin: WordPress 5.9.2 bug,conflict with LiteSpeed Cache

Hello,after update WordPress 5.9.2 broke my site,I went back to version 5.9.1 and everything is perfect Has a conflict with LiteSpeed Cache, if I disable it it returns to normal. I deleted the cache but it does the same, I uninstalled and reinstalled LiteSpeed Cache return to normal 2 minutes after it breaks again. version 5.9.1 no problems, it works perfectly. https://ibb.co/bs491Jj https://ibb.co/rvnStTC no order works anymore, it is a sales site where you could not place orders, because the interface was defective, lite speed cache have the problem, because it works perfectly with version 5.9 .1 if I update to 5.9.2 the problem described above appears and looks like in the attached pictures. if you reset the LSCWP setting to default on 5.9.2 , how does it go ? I disabled everything and it looks the same please create a ticket by mail to support at litespeedtech.com with reference link to this topic we will investigate furhter.
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