Whitelist the QUIC.cloud IPs

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Whitelist the QUIC.cloud IPs

Hi, I would like to point out that the host uses LiteSpeed servers. To whitelist the QUIC.cloud IP addresses, I asked the host how to whitelist those IP addresses on the server side, but he said I couldnt do it because the hosting plan doesnt allow it on shared servers. I have whitelisted these IP addresses in the Wordfence Firewall settings. Will QUIC.cloud work correctly with the whitelisted IPs in Wordfence? Is this correct? Thank you, Hi, whitelist IP is more like optional , and only need to do so when QC service request are blocked , if its not getting blocked , then you dont really need to whitelist them but it could potentially prevent block from happen. Thanks, @CacheCrawler, for your assistance, To prevent QUIC.cloud from being blocked, is it mandatory to whitelist the IP addresses on the server side? Or is doing it in the WordFence Firewall plugin also correct? Thank you, if that is possible, yes , even not , you should whitelist as much security measure as you could. Where is there a list of these IPs? Sorry if this is not helpful.
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