Website storage filling very fast

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Website storage filling very fast

Hi, My name is Vishal. I am using Litespeed page optimization and my storage is filling up to 100%. I have 150GB of web storage and 100% is used when multiple LiteSpeed optimized files are generated. Mostly it is bcoz of JavaScript files. I have checked this using some Ubuntu commands. More than 50GB space is used by optimized CSS/JS files. Is it normal? And How can we reduce it? Report Number ? TMQJEKPL Thanks! because there could be some inline JS with random or one-time string that forces LSCWP to generate a new set of JS files please either disable combine inline/external , or exclude these random/one-time javascript from being combined. Thanks! I dont know how Litespeed works in the background. But an option to limit how many sets of javascript can be generated can be good.