WebP images not showing in www.

Wordpress LScache Plugin: WebP images not showing in www.

Hi, The webp images are not showing in www. Images appear in: https://myboatcard.com/ Images dont appear in: https://www.myboatcard.com/ Do you know how we can fix this? Thanks The page I need help with: https://www.myboatcard.com/ yes, this is expected by default , wordpress will make redirection from whatever domain it was , to the domain you set in WP setting -> general -> site URL and our plugin uses that value to compare and check the webp file availability like if you set site to use domain.com , then it follows that and thinks any URL after domain.com is its own resources , and any other resources that is not from domain.com , even its like www.domain.com it doesnt take it as local resources and bypass the check Thanks for your reply. So how do I get the images to appear for www. extension? Currently, www is not showing images : https://www.myboatcard.com/ Wordpress settings url is set to : https://myboatcard.com/ Thanks now that makes me wonder, why it doesnt redirect from http://www.domain.com to domain.com as it is set in WP URL ? you can try this , go to CDN page origin URL set //domian.com/,//www.domain.com/ then in CDN URL set https://www.domain.com/ save and purge all
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