WPML + Image Optimization dont work?

Wordpress LScache Plugin: WPML + Image Optimization dont work?

Hi. I am using Litespeed cache and just started using Image Optimization again (used it a long time ago) and realized the same problem with this still exist when using this feature in combination with WPML, which was the reason I stopped using it the last time. The issue is that the Litespeed plugin ignore most of the images and sees them as duplicates, which is not the case. I use the feature in WPML where I have one domain per language. And currently are using three different languages. So I have armsportbutiken.se, armsportstore.eu and armsportstore.com. They are all the same install and the same shop, but with different languages and urls. Is there a way to force Litespeed to optimize and use WebP Replacement for all images? As of now if I check the Media -setting I have 177 different images. Only about 10 of them is actually optimized and have WebP-replacement. The rest is ignored, which I notice if I browse the Swedish page Armsportbutiken.se och check this through the web tools inspector in Chrome. Any possibility you can fix this? Report number: RHJHSOKJ Report date: 11/02/2022 13:23:53 The page I need help with: https://www.armsportbutiken.se/ please do me a screenshot on your image optm summary page Hi. When I check the Media library for Swedish and English, there are only maybe 10-15 images that is optimized and have WebP-replacement images. For the language English-EU (the third language on site) all images are optimized and have WebP-replacement images. So to summarize, most of the images are the same regardless of language. Only a few is added by WPML Media translation, which is a way of having different images for different languages. In my case I only have that on a few images that contains text explanation of a product. So all other images are exactly the same regardless of language. My guess is that WPML somehow separates the images per language and when Litespeed is gathering the images it sees the same images several times due to WPMLs way of handling images and hence removes all duplicates, when there is in fact no duplicates at all. All images present (177 files) plus thumbnail sizes are unique. Here you can see Image Optimization Summary and the Media Library for each language (SV, EN, EN-EU): (All images) https://postimg.cc/gallery/Q3Mn0kS Dont know if you were notified about my previous post as it was held for moderation, probably due to the links and images. if you check via FTP , do you see these images have optmed and webped files ? the ones in this screenshot https://postlmg.cc/xJ64T6mt Yes, all images are both optimized and have WebP-versions created. The images are exactly the same for all languages with the only exception for 4 images were I use the Media Translation feature in WPML as the text on the images are in different languages. So I think the issue comes down to that WPML somehow links to the images depending on language(domain), that is why Litespeed sees the images for ALL languages = All images x 3. Which sums up why the total groups specified in Image optimization summary is 535 groups, when its in fact only 177 groups (= 177 total images). 177 x 3 = 531 groups + 4 Media Translation images = 535 groups I dont know anything about coding. But as I view it, Litespeed should only optimize and create WebP-images for the Media Library in the main language plus do it for images created by Media Translation feature BUT include the images in all languages so the optimized versions and WebP-versions are used in all languages/domains. As English isnt my main language, I am sorry if this is hard to understand? Trying to explain as good as I possibly can. Hope it makes some kind of sense for you. Please create a ticket by mail to support at litespeedtech.com we will investigate further