User email verification auto verified

Wordpress LScache Plugin: User email verification auto verified

Hi, I got problems on user email verification with LiteSpeed Cache. Users email got automatic marked as verified after activated LiteSpeed Cache plugin. After deactivated LiteSpeed cache, User email verification plugin(s) works. I have tried different email verification plugins with same issue And even I have tried to activated LiteSpeed cache and disable option one by one to test but also cannot fix. I have tried OFF the Enable Cache Enable ESI Object Cache CSS Minify JS Minify and Load JS Deferred HTML Minify Which option I should disable or exclude to fix the issue? Million thanks Update: Quite strange, I have just test to mark users email unverified and re-send verification email in admin backend. The email auto marked as verified after few seconds and refresh the page. BUT email verification works fine both frontend and backend after deactivated LiteSpeed Cache completely at plugins page. I have purged all cache before test everytime. did you enable object cache? I tested the 2nd plugin , it works on me otherwise you can also try use the default setting , but I cant really imagine any possible interfere from LSCWP with user mail verification though. Yes, I have enabled object cache and test with disabled but still not fix. okay , please try reset to default setting , see how it goes Hi, I have reset to default setting of LiteSpeed Cache and disabled Redis on server side, however still not fix. Users email keeping automatic marked Verified . Any suggestion? Many thanks please create a ticket by mail to support at with reference link to this topic , we will investigate further. Ticket Created #853472. Thanks