Turning cache on seems to break my CSS?

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Turning cache on seems to break my CSS?

Im not sure what to make of this but here it goes. When I turn on cache (go to LiteSpeed Cache -> Cache and click the button to turn Enable Cache on) eventually my CSS breaks. I went to LiteSpeed Cache -> Page Optimization and turned off everything under CSS Settings but still, after some time, I start getting CSS errors. The errors are: Refused to apply style from (URL of stylesheet) because its MIME type (text/html) is not a supported stylesheet MIME type, and strict MIME checking is enabled. My header then shows up twice and its apparent that not all styling is applied. When I turn off cache (go to LiteSpeed Cache -> Cache and click the button to turn Enable Cache off) it immediately starts working again. Any idea what might cause this? Any additional troubleshooting I can do? Im at a loss as to what my next step should be, short of giving up and not using cache. If it makes a difference, Im using the Astra theme. I did send a report. Report Number EOLZBJPB. from (URL of stylesheet) what is the full URL of that CSS file ? Its no longer there because I turned off caching so my site wasnt broken and it seemed to be a temporary file. When I checked in my file manager, similarly named files were there but not the one referenced. That said, this is the URL in the error message: https://www.hillrunner.com/wp-content/uploads/astra/astra-theme-dynamic-css-post-451.css?ver=1657572543 yes, but I think this temporary file should stick/remains same name for same page does it always/easily to trigger/reproduce ? Thats the frustrating thing. It is very inconsistent. When I turn on cache, it will be fine for hours, sometimes around a day. Then it happens on some pages but not others. When it does happen, sometimes I can refresh and its fine. Other times, I have to refresh a few times before it resolves itself. Other times, I can refresh several times and it never resolves itself. The one consistency is that it resolves instantly if I turn cache back off. now it wonders me , the report you sent , shows you did not have enabled options like css combine/minify , but by visiting your site, it seems you do have them enabled, which one is the true case ? At the time of the report, when I had just turned off caching because of the errors, I had no CSS options turned on. I hoped that turning off all CSS options would resolve the issue. Since that time, Ive slowly begun turning them back on, hoping to discover something, not sure quite what since the errors happened with everything off. As of now, due to a vacation, Ive only turned on CSS minify. That hasnt broken anything, as long as I dont turn caching on. on same page , every time the error happens , does it show same URL ? like its always https://www.hillrunner.com/wp-content/uploads/astra/astra-theme-dynamic-css-post-451.css?ver=1657572543&#8221 ? I turned it back on to try to answer this question and, to be honest, havent seen this happen in almost a week. I dont know if this means something resolved itself or its going to pop up at some unexpected time or Ill never see it again.