The plugin does not optimize images

Wordpress LScache Plugin: The plugin does not optimize images

Hi, I dont know why but I cant get the images optimized with LiteSpeed Cache. I enabled everything in the settings, but in addition to analyzing the total of the images present, does not make me click the button to optimize it. I thought it was because I changed the image directory a long time ago (I changed its name also) but I dont think thats the problem because the images find them, but it doesnt optimize them, in the CDN dashboard gives me ok on the item image optimization but does not make me click the button to optimize them precisely.. someone can tell me the reason? maybe I should also click enable CDN in the dashboard? I dont know.. I leave two screens also: ? ? please try go to image optm page -> click destory all optimized data , and then re-try @CacheCrawler I solved, but now the problem is another, it replaced me only the images inside the articles, but the groups of images (so the images of different resolution) did not replace me, but it created the webp versions, so why not replace them? please check this page @CacheCrawler the main problem is that some images in the site are loaded in the webp, others in jpeg, but for each image now there is a file that is not used and that is therefore unused, and that unnecessarily occupies memory, and I dont know how to fix this since I cant manually check every single file on the site and see what extension it uses and then delete the other unused.. also it deleted some images .jpeg not creating their version .webp, in fact on the homepage of the site I have some articles where their 445?280 image is not loaded. Is it possible to fix it somehow?` in some cases, some images wont have webp version @CacheCrawler ok but how fix all that? i cant manually check all images.. there is no fix as it is not broken usually a image will not have webp file if webp is resulted in larger size