The minify css/js file name never change

Wordpress LScache Plugin: The minify css/js file name never change

Hi If the minify css/js file name does not change, these files are still saved in the browser. It will cause an error for old users who visited the site. Every time update new version, I have to changes the code at wp-content/plugins/litespeed-cache/src/optimize.cls.php // QS is required as $src may contains version info $qs_hash = substr( md5( $src ), -5 ) return LITESPEED_STATIC_URL . $filename?ver=$qs_hash Please make it work exactly, or add something like : Change the minify file name button. Thanks! This topic was modified 3 weeks ago by hoangkienvu. Hi, thanks for the info , I have forwarded to our devs best regards,