Support for Advanced Ads

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Support for Advanced Ads

We are using Advanced Ads which has banner rotation. We recently moved this website to a LiteSpeed Enterprise server with LS Cache enabled. With the plug-in enabled, the banner Ads no longer rotate when the page is refreshed? With the plug-in disabled, the banner ads rotate properly. Is there any way to prevent caching on just the banner ads, globally? Hopefully theres an easy solution as we have Advanced Ads used throughout the entire website (lots of pages). Thank you Hi, how was that ad added ? like a widget or shortcode or something ? Best regards, This was added in Beaver Builder via a Widget, pointed to an Ad Group. I know you can work with ESI and shortcodes, but was hoping there was a simple setting in the LiteSpeed Cache plug-in that could globally disable caching for Advanced Ads throughout the website. well , I guess you will need to stick with ESI way for now weve noted this as feature request Best regards,