Strange work of the cache service

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Strange work of the cache service

Hello. Would you answer the following question. I use LiteSpeed ??Cache at the server level and at the plugin level. The problem, however, is that when I open a post on the site for the first time, it does not open from the cache. When I recharge it a second time ? then it opens from the cache. As soon as it is loaded from the cache and I try to open it on another device, then it does not open from the cache, but directly from the server. Then I have to reload again and it will open from the cache. I use the settings recommended by you. Does this cache only work when reloading posts on the same device? Im sorry for my bad English. The page I need help with: Does this cache only work when reloading posts on the same device? Does this other device have a different IP address? Thank you for your answer. Whether through the same IP address or a different IP address, the problem exists in both cases. And I ask you for help. As much as I am happy with your services, this is still a problem for me. Maybe you dont know it. If you are logged in and if you have enabled cache for logged in users then the cache for logged in users is private. Each logged in user gets his own (private) cached URLs. If you logoff then each requested URL has public cache. The TTL for private cache == logged in users is very short. Wow, I didnt know that. When Im not logged in, does the cache I get for one page work for all other readers on the site? Or do they have to reload the same page twice to open the cache for them? not sure whats your setting , but if you have enabled options like mobile cache , webp replacement you need to make sure both browsers have same varies same page , will have 4 different caches , one for mobile + webp , one for mobile + no-webp , one for desktop + webp , one for desktop + no-webp browsers encoding will also affect the result. I understand. I have not enabled the mobile cache option. Thank you very much.
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