Sometimes in page ads wont load on my articles

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Sometimes in page ads wont load on my articles

In-article ads on my blog are not visible in almost 70-80% of cases, it just shows 1 ad sometimes and shows blank space in the place of other ads. I researched a lot on it and a blog said that the reason behind it maybe is minified JS or deferred JS, I have done both a long time ago through Litespeed cache but after reading that blog, I uninstalled the LiteSpeed cache plugin, removed its files from file manager and database, but still, the same problem arises. Also, earlier GTmetrix used to show defer javascript error, but now it wont show that, is the Litespeed defer javascript settings still active if yes how to delete those settings The page I need help with: please provide the report number you can get it in toolbox -> report -> click send to LiteSpeed I uninstalled the LiteSpeed plugin sir, as mentioned in my initial question. if the plugin was disabled/removed , I dont think any of its feature will work anymore , nor do I see any sign on your page indicating that.