Somehow litespeed slows down by website

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Somehow litespeed slows down by website

I notice that no matter what settings I enable, the site is still slow? I have enables caching, page optimization, image optimization, also using NameHero fast litespeed server. So who can guide me to the best setting I have to enable and how to optimize the plugin for a site having BoddyBoss, Elemntor, Learndash, FluentCRM plugins. GTMATRIX gave me the error Lighthouse Error: Browser crashed while auditing the page when I try to analyze the site. The page I need help with: Something seems to be wrong with your CDN if static sources for a couple of CSS URLs are requested. Such sources are missing or access to this sources is not allowed on CDN requests and that blocks. ? It seems you have disabled or removed one or more plugins, but you forget to purge the cache. To solve it, purge complete LScache and if possible cache at CDN too. you need to figure out what was the part it slows down , instead of just enabling everything, some of these options if not tune properly could even slow thing down instead of speed it up. first of all just see what is the average time/speed without plugin , and then with default plugin setting Dear @CacheCrawler, thank you for highlighting this issue? can you check now?! I have followed the recommendation from @CacheCrawler and reset all settings to its original ones and reconnect and validate the domain key. Please advise what options that really matter to enable? you need to follow the suggestion these tester gives , like if it says you need to lazyload the images, or you have rendering block requests ?etc I would appreciate more elaboration, please! like if it says you have render blocking resources, then you can try load CSS async or defer JS if it says defer offscreen image, then you can try image lazyload if it says enable text compression , then check your compression if it says removed unused css, then you can try generate UCSS ?and so on