Site is slower with page optimisations

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Site is slower with page optimisations

Hi, My sites running quite fast without any page caching or minimisation. Im getting 86 on Pingdom and 91 on GTMetrix, and it feels quite zippy to me when browsing. However, Pingdom is because I making too many http requests so scores me zero for that. So Ive tried turning on page optimisation in the litespeed plugin which increases my scores considerably with no issues on page rendering etc. The problem I have though, is that while Im scoring much higher with page optimisation switched on, the website feels very sluggish compared to when I have this turned off. It seems strange that I score higher on the speed tests, but my site runs much slower. Do you know why this might be? Ive also tried other optimisation plugins to minify etc., but I get the same results, so its not the litespeed plugin that is the problem. I do use Cloudflare, which has css, java, and html minification turned on also. I tried turning them off but site is still slow with litespeed page optimisation. Should I be using litespeed speed optimisation or cloudflare (or both). Thanks for your help! The page I need help with: Hi, because higher score does NOT always means faster loading speed specially in cache miss case , the optimization process would take time to perform No , please try not use same feature on both sides Best regards,