Site health page shows no cache plugin.

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Site health page shows no cache plugin.

Hello, i install the image from GCP marketplace. I notice after finish the ssl. i get in the admin panel > site health. And its show me this: any idea? The page I need help with: this is known issue because it doesnt check our header despite the page caching is actually there. we will address it in next release. I think youre right, when the website dont have ssl, i dont get this error. Its something with the SSL. Now another thing i want to ask? When you say: we will address it in next release. Its mean in the plugin level or the open litespeed server level? If it is in the plugin level, its ok. But if this is in a server level, its demand a new deployment on GCP? in your screenshot , you see it checks some pre-defined headers for page cache , in which ours , the x-litespeed-cache , x-qc-cache and x-lsadc-cache headers are not in default list , there is a plugin filter we can use , to add our headers into the list
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