Site Not Found Error

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Site Not Found Error

Hi, I just activated successfully. My website immediately gets down when the SSL status is updated. On the dashboard everything seems to be ok. Also unable to open CyberPanel Dashboard. The error details is as follows: 524 Site Not Found The site is not registered with! This page is generated by CDN on the AS-IN-BOM-297 server. This topic was modified 4 months ago by Gagan Preet Singh. what is the error code are you getting while opening cyberpanel? It just keeps loading and after a long time, shows a message on the screen as mentioned below: This site cant be reached Took too long to respond. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT` I enabled the settings of Map Both www/non-www: and Auto Redirect www/non-www and again disabled it? then it asked me to reverify the website and re-issue the SSL. Now the website is working fine but the Cyberpanel is still not working. I removed the cache several times but it did not help. Then I deactivated my LS Cache plugin and disabled the by changing the DNS settings to default. after all that issue is as it is? website is working but CyberPanel is not accessible. It all happened after getting my website on Quic.Cloud Hi, during the CDN verification and activation , there will be a small windows, like 15-ish minutes or so where the node is trying to get the Lets Encryption cert, in that time , you will see the cert error and afterward it will be fine when you put CDN , CDN only proxies 80/443 port , the panel is running on 8090 port , so it wont work , you need to create a separated subdomain , like and use it to access panel , or directly use server IP My CyberPanel is accessible now, I didnt do anything. I just open CyberPanel today morning and it started working. Thanks, @CacheCrawler for your time and suggestions. For now, I disabled LS Cache and Quic CDN, as it is not helping to improve my website speed, the Google page speed insight score is 76/100 for mobile and 96/100 for desktop. I double-check if LS Cache working on my website or not (by checking the LS Cache comment at the bottom of source code). I will take care next time of the things suggested by you and will run the panel on a subdomain.