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Wordpress LScache Plugin: Single CCSS creation

Hi, I decided to use UCSS for most of my website, but as Im not able to generate the right and complete UCSS for a specific page, I wonder how to create just one CCSS for this specific page. I tried to add classes to UCSS whitelist but it does not work. I probably forgot some classes? Well, I spent lots of time with it and thats the reason why Im looking for a tips for generating just one ccss. Thanks in advance for any help ! Best regards Hi, you mean you only want to UCSS to one page , and keep it off for rest of pages ? Best regards, Hi Qtwrk, Thanks for your answer. No, it is the opposite. I would like: One page with CCSS loaded inline, and ALL other page with UCSS inline (no ccss). Because, for this specific page, I dont manage to include the right css classes in UCSS whitelist in order to get a correct appearance (ucss generation by does not include my product slider: some days of unsuccessful work). For now, I use UCSS , UCSS NOT in line, and css asynchrone for generating CCSS. So pages load CCSS and pull UCSS. And I putted my specific page in blacklist URI for UCSS, so it use only CCSS and pull the big css minified and combinied. Im not sure this way of doing things is well optimized for most of pages. Perhaps its better to use everywhere UCSS inline. In this case, I still need CCSS for my specific page (pulling the big css minified and combinied). So how to generate UCSS for inline usage for almost all page, and ONE CCSS for inline usage too, but just for one page ? I dont known if I was very clear, hope you understand what I would like to do ! Thanks for any advice. Best regards Hi, okay , so you want to keep for all pages except one certain page ? have you tried Page optm -> tune setting -> UCSS URI Excludes ? Best regards, Hi, Yes, I would like (all-1) page with UCSS inline, and one page with just ccss. So: I set URI of the specific page in UCSS URI exclude, I set UCSS inline But with this last settinng (UCSS inline), it deactivate asynchrone css, so I cant generate the ccss for my specific page. Would it exist a workaround for this situation ? Thanks a lot Best regards if (strpos($_SERVER[REQUEST_URI], xxxxxxx ) !== FALSE) define( LITESPEED_CONF, true ) define( LITESPEED_CONF__OPTM__CSS_ASYNC, true) define( LITESPEED_CONF__OPTM__UCSS_INLINE, false) try add this at top of your wp-config.php , next line after
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