Shopping cart fails to update on mobile front page

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Shopping cart fails to update on mobile front page

Hi, I have this weird problem that Im hoping to get some help with. The cart icon in the header will update to show the qty. of items in the cart on every page except for the front page and only on mobile. Ill purge everything > visit the front page, then some other pages(shop, journal, etc.) on mobile so theres a cached version > place something in the cart and the cart icon will update as expected When I go back to the front page, the empty cart icon is shown, every other page I visited previously will update the cart info to show the correct qty. Ive excluded the woocommerce_items_in_cart cookie and have tried pretty much everything else I could find in the support forums. Can I please get a hand with this? Report number: SDZOLKXN The page I need help with: emmmm??? are you using LSCWP ? because I am seeing A2 Thanks for the quick reply @CacheCrawler. As far as I know, all of the caching features of A2 Optimized are provided by LSCWP so any changes Ive been making were done in the LSCWP options and didnt think to look in the A2 settings? which Ive done now. Ive found a setting in A2 that would dequeue WooCommerce Cart Fragments and AJAX calls on the homepage. Turned that off and all is well. (Its okay to point and laugh) Thanks again for your time
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