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Hi guys, I realise that the Google search engine on your litespeed tech>> support page is a search engine that can be applied by anyone. The problem that Im having though, is whenever I try to apply a Google search engine to my website, it leaves remnants of the search in the URL, for eg: myhomepage(dot)com/?gpsrc or Which parameters do you use in YOUR search engine, as it seems to work perfectly? I am not exactly sure if I have understood your questions ? Hi @CacheCrawler Im referring to the search on your website at on which youve got an overlay. Which parameters are used? please forgive my bluntness , I am not quite sure I understood the situation here what overlay ? could you please do me a screenshot ? Hi @CacheCrawler Ok, Ill drop three screenshots into the mix for you. This first one shows the search box on your support website. This second one shows a search for Litespeed Cache Crawler being made. And finally, this third one shows the overlay effect. When I try to put one of these search boxes onto my own website it keeps leaving remnants of the previous search in the URL at the top of the page, meaning that the URL cannot be copied and bookmarked by users: myhomepage(dot)com/?gpsrc or myhomepage(dot)com/ ?whereas your search box does not leave any remnants of a previous search. I was just wondering which parameters you used to achieve this? well , be honest I do not know , and that site is not made by WP Its ok @CacheCrawler ? mark this as having been resolved. I just created a new search engine on Google and slapped it straight onto the website with no extra parameters set. Works fine now!
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