Scheduled Purge

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Scheduled Purge

Can someone explain the difference between scheduled purge and TTL. Ive read all the support docs, and these seem to do the same thing as far as I can tell. Is the only difference between scheduled purge is that you can do it selectively to only some pages? I assume after the TTL has expired that page is also purged correct? Im trying to solve some issues with contact forms not working on multiple pages, so I need to purge the cache daily and Im trying to figure out the best way. Thanks! Hi, schedule purge give you exactment it will be purged with TTL, lets say you set to 86400 , which is 1 day but if user visits page at 00:00 , then the TTL will be effect till next days 00:00 if user visits at 01:30 , then TTL will be effect till next day 01:30 if ?. at 05:00 , then TTL ?.. next day 05:00 ?etc and so on with schedule purge , no matter whenever user accessed it , if you set the schedule at any given time , lets say 06:00 at morning , then it will be purged regardless what is TTL and when page was created