Removing litespeed css from main html

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Removing litespeed css from main html

Hi all, I uninstalled litespeed plugin and my site has problems when it first loads. Namely, css applied is nowhere to be found and I can not delete this code from html. Namely, when i go to Google search console my homepage live test looks like broken page and in html I see: Now, this css does not exists anymore and I cant find/edit this html. I am using Newspaper theme. Can I perhaps install different caching plugin so that this css is rewritten or what should I do? Thank you. The page I need help with: you have something else that is doing the cache , hummingbird-cache: served need to purge that cache as well Thank you for your answer. Yes I know. I installed Hummingbird on purpose to see if it could rewrite what Litespeed placed in HTML. For now it seems its working.