QUIC.cloud can not generate SSL certificate

Wordpress LScache Plugin: QUIC.cloud can not generate SSL certificate

Hello again, i have another problem that i can not find a solution to.. I linked the CDN via CNAME/ALIAS method, it verifies correctly and the site is usable. The QUIC.cloud Dashboard says verified: https://pasteboard.co/TbMDaFr1fYuG.png But when it comes time to issue the SSL, the DNS is unverified again and i get an error about failed certificate, see here: https://pasteboard.co/ol4NAM1XJz1N.png I have regenerated Lets Encrypt on my server multiple times and expected everything to magically just work with using Litespeed Enterprise Server + Cyberpanel + WP+LScache directly from Cyberpanel + Litespeeds QUIC.cloud whats the issue here? i am out of possible solutions Thanks for every hint! This topic was modified 10 months, 1 week ago by 8725z4twhugias. may it work this time? https://pasteboard.co/5ZFzvcBIymC3.png it really did! https://pasteboard.co/0sMLad4wcUw9.png for you, that ran into the same problem and landed here: DISABLE www/non-www matching! then set your dns records to: ALIAS @ to ALIAS to ALIAS www to does not work with your registrar or hosting setup set ALIAS www to instead
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