Purge exclude

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Purge exclude

Hello, my site is a multivendor and products are edited / posting very often. When new product is published all cache is purged and my site is not cached most of the time is there anyway to not purge all products all the time? Also I have some url that didnt change at all login page, faq page etc. Anyway to exclude those url from purge too. Thank you I can help you to suppress the purge call what happens like if someone add/edit a product , but doesnt show up in category or homepage or something ? Why all single products must be purged? They doesnt change. Can be somehow to purge only newly or edited product, archive pages,shop and homepage. Now all pages are purged like my blog, login, registration, privacy policy and so on. Everytime when new product is added it leaves my entire site without cache. 90% of the time my site is not cached. It will be cool if can put some url that will not be purged automatic. Thank you very much. @bobkata Your objection is partially justified, but as you know a product and its data can be everywhere displayed in the shop and not only on product page. To purge only a product page will prevent not to show updated content on all other related pages where this page and its data normally are displayed, so it is essentiall necassary to purge not only the cache of the product page. @cache Crawler yes of course homepage, shop page, product archive pages has to be cleared. But what about blog pages I dont have any product data there? Also In product A I dont have data from product B . When site is cashed it works super fast but as I mention 90% of the time is not crawler now cache all sit for 1560 seconds so Ive made it to auto crawle every 4600 seconds. But untill then site is slow for first visit. please follow this guide to get the page tag and purge tag. @CacheCrawler thank you I will read carefully this guide and will ask if I cant understand something.