Purge All does not purge cloudflare

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Purge All does not purge cloudflare

I noticed that if you click purge all, it does not purge cloudflare if you have cloudflare enabled within litespeed. only when you click purge all ? cloudflare it will notify cloudflare LScache plugin can only control its own cache and cant control cache from 3rd party vendors, although it is no good idea to run more than 1 page cache. Caching a already cached page doesnt speedup your page and causes conflicts. If you still need a CDN you should use quic.cloud CDN instead because it is optimized for the use with lScache plugin. In this case purge all command will really purge the entire cache, also at quic.clod. Hi, yes, that is by design , as we take CF as static resources, and static resources are not meant to be purged frequently which greatly diminishes cache efficiency if you have CF page cache and want to purge it alone with LSCWPs purge all, you can use LSCWPs purge all hook to trigger a curl to CF API to purge it best regards,
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