Programmed Post doesn?t clear cache

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Programmed Post doesn?t clear cache

Hello, I have just update WP to 6.1 version. Since then, post that I have programmed (for example to the next day or just to 5 minutes after I finish writing them) are not showed at home page or categories related until I clean manually cache. If I edit the post just changing the hour and then publishing manually (not using a programmed job) then all works fine. Anyone with this problem? I?m using newspapper theme Hi, yeah , I see another user got same issue but I can not reproduce on a clean wp , maybe something else gets in the way could you please try , set a schedule post like 2 minutes later from now then during this period , keep refresh the wp-admin area like every 30 seconds or so , then 3 minutes later , check what is the status of that scheduled best regards, Published, the status of this scheduled one is published after 3 minutes. And working using the URL that I give to it. Also working fine in sitemaps. The problem is that cache is not clean and the post is not shown until its edited by hand (just changing the published hour by hand to 1 minute after scheduled hour) please try toolbox -> beta test -> copy paste this link then upgrade see how it goes It works! Updated on friday and no issues till then, thanks
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