Products disappears randomly ? issue with WPML?

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Products disappears randomly ? issue with WPML?

Hello. Ive had a ticket at WPML with an issue where products randomly disappear from my shop. I use WPML, and I think this includes WPML. Their support has been involved, now they suggest I involve you. The issue: It appears at random that products disappear from my shop. Main language Swedish. But they remain in the German shop. To solve this, I figured out that I could switch the theme and back, and the issue was resolved. However, I am not content with that solution. I may wake up in the morning and see the shop has been empty for who knows how long. To help with the investigation, I would sync the broken site to a staging area. But when they would look at it, the products would suddenly appear. Today it happened 3 times, and the WPML support managed to observe it. But while installing a plugin on my staging site, the products appeared again. This led them to think this was an issue with LS cache. A bit busy and maybe a bit too quick, I google Litespeed and posted in their forum. They were kind enough to give me advice but stated that they do not support LS cache. Here is that thread and their advice. Here is the link to WPML support thread. This topic was modified 2 days, 6 hours ago by uncharted83. The page I need help with: please provide the report number you can get it in toolbox -> report -> click send to LiteSpeed Here you go: GJOWNBKR were these product newly added ? or they have been there all the time ? when you see that happens , if you do a purge all immediately , does it show up ? They were not recently added, and this problem is not new to me. Backstory: I built the website back in 2018. I installed Litespeed Cache early 2021. I started using WPML mid-2021. I noticed this error back then, and found the solution ? as in changing the theme and back again. I completely rebuilt the page this year and published it 2 months ago. Fresh WordPress installation and database. Everything built with Elementor and their Hello- theme. Nothing should be left from the old site but the products being exported and imported from the old to the new site. So I was surprised when this started to happen again. Having products disappear while I send paid traffic to the site is unsafe. While writing this, I went to the page to take a look and see the products are gone again. Ill sync my site to staging so you can see it too. And I can confirm that purging all cache does not fix the problem. But according to WPML support, installing a random plugin or maybe even just updating one might solve the issue. (and of course, changing the theme). (Old theme was Onepage express pro)