Product images may be invalid due to the Image WebP Replacement option

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Product images may be invalid due to the Image WebP Replacement option

I enabled the Image WebP Replacement option. It worked well before. Today I suddenly found that there are some product images that cannot be displayed and all of the images are WebP, refer to the help link and notice the first image. I can only guess that related with Image WebP Replacement option. BTW, I reviewed the operation of the website recently. I deactived and then activated the Litespeed Cache plugin again a week ago. Is it related to this? How to locate the source of this problem and fix it? This topic was modified 3 months, 3 weeks ago by yadun. The page I need help with: Hi, what do you mean by can not be displayed ? as the image doesnt load at all , like leave a grey box ? because I can see images seem loading fine on this page best regards, Yes, the first image of my referral link is a grey box. refer to because this image , you have hard-coded it to webp all the image that is replaced by LSCWP , will have format as jpg version : something.jpg webp version : something.jpg.webp it doesnt filter any other extension besides png, jpg and gif I dont understand what you mean about hard-coded. I have never modified the format of the picture myself, I have no reason or know how to modify it, and I am sure that all the pictures I upload are in jpg, png, gif format. Also, I can confirm two things: 1. As mentioned above, I once deactivated and activated the Litespeed Cache plugin again. 2. For some pictures, I have used the crop function of wordpress to modify the size of the pictures. I hope someone can find the real reason based on the above description. hard code means that image was fixed with jpg-1.webp URI by default , LSCWP works this way 1) if browser does not support webp , then send page with image link as ....something.jpg 2) if browser supports webp , then first it will check if ...something.jpg.webp exists or not , if exists, then send page with image replaced to ...soemthing.jpg.webp and in your case , even with LSCWP disabled , it still gives that ...jpg-1.webp , this is not controlled by LSCWP , thats what I meant as hard-coded