Product Photo not loading

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Product Photo not loading

I am using the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin but when I set Load JS Deferred on Delayed the Product photos are not loading ! Please check the below Video. When I check the products, their photos load but when I test with google page speed or other websites, the product photos are not loading !yes, because the images and JS are lazyloaded. How can I disable lazyload for images? its in Page Optimizaiton -> Media -> LazyLoad. It was already disabled So how can I use Load JS Deferred with Delayed option but without lazyload for images ! then you will need to find the javascript that is responsible for loading the image and exclude it from being delayed Hello, I found all the JS that loaded on the product page but when I placed them on the JS Deferred Excludes , nothing happened and the Product images were not loading. List of JS: try simply use wp-content wp-include to exclude all if with above 2 string didnt work , that means you have some inline JS that you need to look into it and exclude Didnt work. How can I check the inline JS and find the right one and exclude it ? open your page with query string ?LSCWP_CTRL=before_optm , this will open your page bypass LSCWP then view the source code , search for