Problem with LS Cache on Older Browsers and Older Phones

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Problem with LS Cache on Older Browsers and Older Phones

Hi guys, So we recently switched to LSCache and LiteSpeed Web Host Professional and we absolutely love them. We have two strange issues on very old devices. Our sites work fine when we disable LSCache. Ads load, the site loads, no problem at all. When we enable LSCache, on older mobile phones, while the site loads, the ads dont. And the fonts dont either sometimes. On older browsers, e.g. Firefox 56, the sites dont load completely, and go into a loop with a message TLS handshake showing up at the bottom of the browser. You can se a GIF here: On older smartphones, e.g. very old iPhones or Android phones, sometimes the fonts dont load even though the site does and AdSense ads dont load at all. But if we disable LSCache, everything loads fine. Here is another link: Any idea what could be causing this? Thanks in advance. The page I need help with: Sorry to say that, but who the hell uses browser versions that are outdated than atleast 5 years? for FF56 that TLS error , thats server side issue, better to contact webserver support instead of here as plugin support for second issue , could you please try and see if it works with default plugin setting ? Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. @cache Crawler, the problem is this error should not exist. I get your point about nobody using older browsers but it is still something that is only happening with the plugin active. @CacheCrawler, thanks for the information. As far as TLS error, the site doesnt have any with the plugin disabled. The sites and the ads all load fine when the plugin is disabled. As soon as we activate the plugin, both these issues happen. So I read the suggestions here and went to another site of mine and tested every single setting. It seems when we activate Guest Mode, this happens. Both issues seem to be related to that. I have tested this extensively now. On multiple sites. When I turn off the Guest Mode, sites load smoothly on all browsers, new and old. Old and new phones. Any idea what could be the reason? Just to clarify, this is not a criticism of this plugin. I love what it does. I simply write and debug code for a living and thought it was curious this issue was happening. @cyrus100 This seems not be a TLS related error. As seen in image you seem to have Guestmode enabled and for reason that cannot investigated only by a screenshot it is not possible why this issue happens, but for testing disable Guestmode temporary and try again. Dont forget to purge the cache after you have Guestmode disabled. @ Cache Crawler Yes, I have the guest mode enabled. When I disable it, the issue goes away. When I enable it, it comes back. The strangest thing. Also, AdSense ads dont load on old mobile phones, fonts dont either. But when I disable guest mode, they do. It definitely is the Guest Mode that is causing this. I played around with the Tuning section but so far no success. Now we know what it is caused by, but again I see no way to make Guestmode for really old browser work. No normal user uses such old software and (for me) there is no reason that prevents not to update, especially since browsers are free. What I could imagine as a conditional solution would be a filter that only enables guest mode from a certain browser version. The only problem is that you dont know what exactly is causing the problem with these older browsers. It seems to be due to the fact that the guest mode cookie is not set when the page is loaded for the first time and the page is therefore always reloaded in an endless loop. So you will have to accept that there is no real solution to this problem. Unless you put a lot of effort into it, but thats unrelated. No software manufacturer does something like this for software that has been outdated for many years. Absolutely. I love debugging code, so I was just curious. I confirmed this issue when I tried visiting my site on an old Android phone and iMac (Safari). What you said makes sense. I will keep digging to see if I can figure out a way around this but I accept it is not a big problem as most people dont use these older browsers now. By the way, this thread also seems to describe the same issue: My concern is I dont know which browsers have this behavior. Is it just old browsers? Could it be newer devices that have this issue and I am not realizing? ? I accept it is not a big problem as most people dont use these older browsers now. Would you set this topic as to be solved? I dont want to stop you from digging, but for the current situation there is no need to correct a mistake. OK. I will mark this as solved but I will continue testing different browsers and newer devices. If I encounter this issue on this new devices, I will let the team know. Thanks again for all the help! I will let the team know. Thanks again for all the help! Do it! Your are always welcome!