Pop up not working for non logged in users

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Pop up not working for non logged in users

Elementor Pop up not working for non logged in users, when we disabled the Lite speed cache it started working, can anyone help with this? this sounds like a configuration issue , if you use default setting , how does it go ? Thanks, I reset to default and problem solved. but for website speed we need previous settings, can you figure out which settings affecting it? Hi, please try enable them back one by one , or few by few , see which option breaks it , then we will see what to do next but most likely , I think should be related to JS option or CSS options Best regards, Thanks for the update now it is solved, Have took backup of settings and performed reset. Now its working Out of topic question how can I fix Avoid an excessive DOM size and Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy Score is 91 for mobile devices and 92 for desktop Want to optimise more of it. Can get any help? for excessive DOM , I think we cant help for static with cache policy , can try enable browser cache Okay, Thanks for the help.
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