Plugins auto updating causing issues ?

Wordpress LScache Plugin: Plugins auto updating causing issues ?

Hi there, Just recently I am finding that clients are letting me know their sites are broken (CSS clearly not being accessed ? layout clearly broken), and I need to login to clear the LiteSpeed cache. So far this has happened on about 4 or 5 sites, so it does not appear to be specific to one site. And I have noticed that if there were plugins being automatically updated, the issue is noticed the next day. Thoughts on this ? TIA, Dave Hi, Without any specific info about your site and how LSCWP is configured, the only thing that comes into my mind is the Purge All On Upgrade feature. With this feature enabled, a Purge All action will be triggered when any plugin, theme or the WordPress core is upgraded. This setting is located under the Purge tab of the LiteSpeed Cache Settings. Please check and see if it is enabled. Regards.
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